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AkkuMAX Technical Information

What does AkkuMAX mean?

The word ‘Akku’ is German for Battery. The AkkuMAX range was developed by industry-leading German Engineers. Hence, they developed the trademark ‘AkkuMAX’.

What are AkkuMAX blades?

With the development of Lithium-ion batteries giving up to 7 times the power and charge than a traditional alkaline battery, as well as charging from flat to full in less than 45 minutes. Cordless machines are now preferred by most tradespeople.

Extensive product testing has shown that standard diamond blades provide poor cut-quality and speed, and rapidly drain a cordless machine’s battery life.

AkkuMAX blades are the world’s first diamond blades developed to work on cordless angle grinders!

Are the AkkuMAX blades ‘normal’ Diamond blade?

AkkuMAX blades are ultra-thin diamond blades. They were developed to create minimal friction whilst still adhering to all safety standards, in particular EN 13236.

What are the advantages of AkkuMAX diamond blades compared to conventional diamond blades?

Standard diamond blades are simply too thick and heavy for use on cordless angle grinders. They require more power and speed, resulting in frequent battery charges and poor quality cuts.

AkkuMAX blades are designed to work on cordless machines. They are guaranteed to:

• Improve the battery life of your cordless angle grinder

• Increase the cutting speed of your cordless angle grinder

• Dramatically improve the total number of cuts that you can do per battery charge (thanks to the extreme cutting speed and ultra-thin cutting edge creating less friction)

• Provides a clean, precise and accurate cut

• Reduces dust and debris

• They are prefect for interior work: where speed, reduced dust and cable-free working are essential.

Can I use a normal blade on a cordless angle grinder?

Of course you can. But the cutting results and battery life of the machine will be drastically reduced!

Standard diamond blades have been designed to work at different RPM and torques than cordless angle grinders operate at.

Normal diamond blades are designed to work at 80m/s. Cordless angle grinders work between 40-60 m/s.

Ultimately, it does not matter how powerful your cordless grinder is. It is the system solution that matters!

How much faster will AkkuMAX blades cut on a cordless angle grinder?

On average, AkkuMAX blades will cut approx. 50%-100% faster than a standard top-quality diamond blade on a cordless grinder.

However, do bear in mind that results may differ slightly depending on your grinder and the materials you are cutting.

How much longer will the battery of my cordless angle grinder last with an AkkuMAX blade?

On average, AkkuMAX blades will at least double the battery life of your cordless grinder! Again, do bear in mind that result may differ slightly depending on your grinder and the materials you are cutting.

Can I fit my AkkuMAX blades on a corded grinder?

Yes. AkkuMAX blades are designed to comply with all known safety standards and can be fitted on corded grinders. Due to the ultra-thin cutting edge, you get the same advantages as when working with a cordless grinder: extreme speed and precision, minimal dust and debris, and increased longevity.

Be aware: The CK850 AkkuMAX contains a special segment designed for use with cordless angle grinders. It performs CONSIDERABLY BETTER on a cordless grinder than on a corded grinder.

It is possible to use the blade with a corded grinder, however; it is important to let the blade cools down between cuts. Repeated use without allowing for cooling in-between cuts may result in the segment burning out.

What if I’m not happy with the AkkuMAX range?

Simple, with all Marcrist products you receive a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied.

The world-leading AkkuMAX range is no different! Marcrist are so confident that you’ll agree that these are by far the best blades for your cordless angle grinder that we offer a full money back guarantee.  

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